Repair Tools-3
Repair Tools-3

Repair Tools-3

NO.795 Oil pump cpnversion connection 

NO.796 The screw pole type stands a pillar body to dismantle to pack tool

NO.797 Ve pump measuring watch  Ve pump travel ruler

NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd

  • NO.795 Oil pump cpnversion connection
    Use for:test table pump conversion connection m14 to turn M12/m12 to turn M14foreaches
  • NO.796 The screw pole type stands a pillar body to dismantle to pack tool
    Use for:Applicable to p7100,pw2000 and p3000 to stand a pillar body to dismantle to unload
  • NO.797 Ve pump measuring watch  Ve pump travel ruler
    Use for:Applicable for measureing route trabel of inside pressure measure
  • NO.798 Multi-use high strength pulling horse
    Use for:Applicable to 6112,4112 conjunction,sitaier conjunction,yuchai6A,6L,and6M...etc .gradually open flower conjunction's pulling
  • NO.801 Ve pump wheel gear allied connection set
    Ve pump wheel gear fixed handle
    Ve pump wheel gear pulling
    Ve pump allied stalk machine
  • NO.802 5M pump allied connection set
    5M pump flower set tube
    5M pump conjunction dish
    5M pump allied stalk  machine
  • NO.803 Carterpillerpiller allied set
    Carterpiller flwer key plank hand
    Cartepiller connection dish
    Carterpiller that lei pump allied stalk machine
    Carterpiller spraying an oil machine fixing device
  • NO.804 6108 oil pump wheel gear allied connection
    6108 wheel gear fixed pole
    6108 wheel gears pulling horse
    6108 wheel gear allied stalk machine
  • NO.805  P9 pump tool set
  • NO.806  P7 pump tool set
  • NO.807 ⅠⅡⅢ ABZ type oil pump dismantle tool 
  • NO.808 VE pump tool set 
  • NO.809 P type pump set 
  • NO.924 H pump a tool set pieces new product
    Use for:Heavy oil H pump

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