Repair Tools-2
Repair Tools-2

Repair Tools-2

NO.724 Sitaier flower key set sube

NO.725 Double useful top screw

NO.726 Five small stars wrench

NO.727 Three flower wrenche

NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd

  • NO.724 Sitaier flower key set sube
    New style apply in general used wrench
    Use for: Bosch pump, 6112 and si taier
  • NO.725 Double useful top screw
    English systerm metric systerm allied connecting 4 pole for each
    Use for:  yuchai612 , 412 use disassemble and proofreading
  • NO.726 Five small stars wrench
    During the disassembly process, when the screws are too tight and rusty, please vibrate and remove them
    Introduction: Use CR-V Alloy, fully hardened treatment, high toughness
    Use for: Steyr pump and Bosch Pump.
  • NO.727 Three flower wrenche
    Use for:Jetta electricity controlled pump
  • NO.728 Spraying oil machine wrenches
    Use for: Bosch V8
  • NO.729 Pillar filler clip 
    Use for: taking out &8-&12 pillars filler
  • NO.730 Flower wrench
    Use for:Carterpillerpiller oil pump
  • NO.731 Card spring coil assembling tools
    Use for:all type of P pillar filler steel wire card spring coil
  • NO.739 P type roller body pressing tools
    falan supporter
    Use for:All P type oil pump rollers dismantling
  • NO.781 Dismantle pulling horse
    10.9 classes to strengthen screw pole
    Use for:6108 oil pump wheel gear dismantle and the shangchaiP7 pump diesel unload
  • NO.782 Inside card spring coil taking out tools
    inside VE pump pressure adjusting value the to taking out tool
  • NO.783 VE pump measuring watch shelf
    Use for: All type of VE pump
  • NO.787 Hodometer connection
    Use for:All type of oil pump diagraph route
  • NO.788 Spraying oil machine dismantle and packing shelf
    Use for: All type of spraying oil machine at home and abroad to dismantle and pack ,high-quality
  • NO.789 VE pump inside press watch
    Use for: All type of VE pump 
  • NO.790 Carterpillerpiller spraying oil machine fixed equipment
    Use for:Cartepillerr spraying oil machine dismantle and packing glib-tongued and spring coil adjustment 
  • NO.791 Fly hammer spring coil pressure adjust wrench
    Use for:Double use designed suitable for all type of flying hammer spring coil pressure adjustment 
  • NO.792 Door blocker
    Use for: All type of adjusters door blocker 
  • NO.793 Oil value fixing device
    Use for:PW P7 MW
  • NO.794 5M pumps flower set tube
    Use for:5M pump oil value tight base to dismantle

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