EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900
EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900EUI/EUP Test Bench 900

EUI/EUP Test Bench 900

Test HEUI injector

A unique multifunctional test bench

  Product Introduction

NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd
NANT Test Equipments Co.,Ltd

  • The world's first EUP / EUI, HEUI, common rail injector / pump comprehensive test bench, which can be loaded and unloaded at the same time, tested separately, saving labor and time, with superior comprehensive performance, divided into AB two unique function models.
  • EUS900A has a full range of common rail injector, common rail pump test function and EUP / EUI test function,
  • EUS900B has EUI / EUP test function and HEUI injector, common rail pump and Cat actuation pump test function
  • Functions and characteristics :
  • Automatically test C7/C9/C-9,C3126/3408,Ford Power Stroke  6.0L 3412E/ISUZU and so on middle pressure common rail product
  • Automatically test the injector seal, actuation point, pilot injection, medium speed, maximum load, the maximum test pressure is 2600 bar
  • Automatically test Bosch, Carter, CUMMINS, DDC, Delphi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, EUI/EUP (Electronic Unit Injectors/Electronic Unit Pumps) and dual-valve E3,CUMMINS ISX and other special products.
  • Automatically test various solenoid valve injector and piezo injector.
  • Automatically test the performance of injector solenoid valve.
  • Automatically test voltage-current curve of the injector.
  • Automatically test common rail pump
  • Generate IMA code for Bosch injector
Main configurations:
  • Size:189CM×84CM×174CM (L×W×H)
  • NT1400 High-precision cam drive
  • Different lift special cam and injector adapters for many kind products
  • Double DRV, three flow sensor configuration
  • Middle pressure common rail special bracket.
  • Special high - pressure piston pump
  • Industrial air-conditioner refrigeration, dual temperature control fuel tank
  • Output power 15kw, there are different power supply.
  • Include diesel hydraulic implementation, consistent with the fuel injection to prevent the mixture of diesel and lube oil, cause test conditions change and then affect the test accuracy.
  • Different types of special-purpose cam not only ensures the cam generation but also ensures the cam generation curve.
  • Embedded industrial computer systems and user-friendly operation design to ensure the control system stability and accuracy.
  • Include Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese operating interface, which is proper for global using all around the world.
  • Database remote one click upgrade.
Selection function
  • Denso, Delphi QR code;
  • Fuel injection response time test
  • Support Fuel injector response time(BIP)function, can judge the EUI/EUP performance quickly and accurately.

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