Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning Machine
Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning Machine

Diesel Oil Tank Cleaning Machine

Fuel tank clean

Necessary to repairing

  • Low cost & high quality
  • Unique Design
  • Two-grade filtration
  • Easy operation

Diesel Fuel Tank cleaning machine is suitable for washing oil tank of diesel vehicle of different style, with unique design, leading technology, is easy and simple to operation, can remove impurity and water in fuel tank effectively.

While washing the oil tank, it is no need to dismantle fuel tank and oil pipe. It’s operation principle: the diesel oil will be drew out by the control of oil pipe from the oil tank, and enter into rough filtration tank to filter out large particle impurities and water, then pressurized by gear pump to enter into thin filtration tank to filter out small particles of impurities, the clean diesel after two-grade filter will be sprayed to side cavity and dead angles of fuel tank by high-pressure nozzle at about 1.5KG pressure, and mixed with impurities and oil in the oil tank, it carries on the cycle filtration at 30 liter flow rate per minute to make the diesel oil and fuel tank clean finally.

Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase; 20V, 60Hz, single phase.


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